Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Book Review 00: Cloud Altas

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Since lunch ended today, my eyes was glued to a book and not to my lovely LCD screen. I have been reading cloud atlas and apart from a short trip to the library to pay some outstanding fines that my sister made, it was all I did today. I have only one last section of the book unread.

This is not your normal book. In fact, some people will hate this book or specifically, the style of writing. It took quite some time to get use to the style of writing each time when it flings me from the 1840s to the 1930s, all the way to the end of civilisation. It is, to say the least, a love-hate relationship. The first part of the book is boring and so is the middle part based on the far future where all technology is lost. I nearly gave up reading the book. Patient, however does bears fruit, for the next chapter captured me and refused to let go. Starting from the second chapter, it had been a tough ride in a rollercoaster that kept trying to throw me off.

What is interesting, is how each stories ends with a cliffhanger and continues later in opposite order. Fascinating but very trying. I had to control my curious self from just flipping to the end and just read the ending - screw the order of the stories. The chapter I love the most was The Orison of Sonmi - 451. It was beautiful how the it had been written, about a slaving clone who had become too intelligent for her own good. Ironcially, the human race who put her to death would later worship her as a goddess in Shoosha's Crossing and Everything After, the next chapter. This was also the chapter that was so diffcult to read that I almost threw the book in frustration.

There are some interesting stuff I found in the book like a small mention of Singapore, or Papa Song (which sounds awfully like Bread Papa), references to what I think is Shakespeare and a geographical error of Hokkaido in Korea.

Apart from this chapter and the first (to me), this is wonderful book. It may not be to your liking though. Otherwise, read it and have fun figuring it out.

Writings: Survive

It was all he could do to stop himself from crying. When it boiled down to the end, his life was forsaken for the greater good. A useless being who did not deserve to exist. Why had he ever thought this had change? This was the way in the past. It would the same now. And it would be the case in the future. He would never trust, never hope again. He shuddered at screams that echo all around him.

Survive. I have to survive first. Then, then... I will make sure everyone who did this to me will paid their debts twice back to me. He stared at the blank cell walls in front of him and fought the urge to vomit.

One step at a time. One step at a.. One step.... One.

Note: A picture of prison life (in the past?) from my mind. I am not too sure what I was thinking when I was writing this. Maybe I will write a follow-up.

Games 1.0: Nick Bounty

Okay. So my lovely LCD screen is currently back to normal. Now that school is offically over for me, I shall be able to post a great deal more in this blog apart from a few days next week when I will be going overseas for a long awaited trip to Hong Kong. (Disneyland!)

To begin with this week recommendation, we have two games. The Nick Bounty games. I remember posting the games in my old blog a few months back but should you not seen it back then, you should really played it now.

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A Case of the Crabs is about a poor detective who somehow gets really lousy jobs; except this time he's in for a surprise because of a murder that happens in his office. It is now up to the great detective to solve the murder (and find out how crabs have to do with it). Apparently, this game is based on a series of 1980s movies. It has a classic white and black film feel and I really like the plot.

This is not an easy game unless you seek the help of the walkthrough. Try not to use it through. It will be a lot more exciting and satisfying to play this game on your own. A Case of the Crabs is one of the best and most addicting point and click games out there so make sure you have loads of free time before playing. It takes a while to load the game if you do not have cable/broadband.

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While the graphics of the sequel to A Case of the Crabs is undoubtly better, The Goat in the Grey Fedora simply fell short of the previous game. This time you have to guide Nick Bounty in finding a ceramic goat (hence the name), and you may find out why people have been 'freezing up' as you get closer in solving the case.

Its plot is not as good and as hilarious. Probably because of graphics, the file size of the game is huge. Around 42mb to be exact. Not the type of game you'll play if you have a slow connection. Also, while playing the game I can't help but feel that the game developers have spent a tad too much effort on the graphics and neglected the plot. Still, it is a great game. Although if you have time only for one game, I suggest you play the impressive A Case of the Crabs. Simple but great.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Writing: Saturated Mind

Began process to repost all old writings. ^__^

I feel as though my mind is about to burst. What is that word? Full? No. Over flowing? Nope. Saturated? Yes, yes. That's the word. My mind is saturated. Has my mind been hooked up to a matrix machine? All that information jammed into my brain and yet I can't get hold of it. Everything and nothing.

I can't breathe. I'm afraid to breathe. Every bit of information obtained by seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, smelling, overwhelms me. I can't think! I can't move! I can't speak!

A familiar senstation burns behind my eyelids. My throat choking with the pain. My face turning paler. The blood rushing to my head. The coldness that devours me. And the shaking. Oh yes. That shaking.

No. No. Not now. Please. Not now! Everyone is looking at me! Why now? Why can't I be normal like others? Saturated. My mind is saturated. I can't control any longer. The pain, the horror, the shame. I'm running again. Coward.

I look at my shaking hands. Why can't they stop trembling? What's wrong with me? Why are my legs shaking too? I can't run any further. And I care no longer. Let the shame, horror and pain kill me. I have nothing else to lose.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Music 1.0: Thirteen Sense

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As I have once posted, I listen to weird music that most people that have never heard before. Some of the stuff I listen is really nobodywillmakesenseofit music while others are nice Indies/alternative rock bands.

I just bought (yesterday to be exact) Thirteen Sense' The Invitation. It's really beautiful. The music is just stunning. It's kinda like Coldplay but more soothing. In fact, I'm probably gonna use this CD to help me study. The only problem with this CD is the price. At S$34++ (bought it at HMV), it's a bit expensive. Of course that is to be expected since it's imported from Europe.

Still, I highly recommend you this album. Buy it at HMV.

As of 12/10/05, this CD can be bought at around S$18 if you go to Sembawang.