Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Book Review 00: Cloud Altas

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Since lunch ended today, my eyes was glued to a book and not to my lovely LCD screen. I have been reading cloud atlas and apart from a short trip to the library to pay some outstanding fines that my sister made, it was all I did today. I have only one last section of the book unread.

This is not your normal book. In fact, some people will hate this book or specifically, the style of writing. It took quite some time to get use to the style of writing each time when it flings me from the 1840s to the 1930s, all the way to the end of civilisation. It is, to say the least, a love-hate relationship. The first part of the book is boring and so is the middle part based on the far future where all technology is lost. I nearly gave up reading the book. Patient, however does bears fruit, for the next chapter captured me and refused to let go. Starting from the second chapter, it had been a tough ride in a rollercoaster that kept trying to throw me off.

What is interesting, is how each stories ends with a cliffhanger and continues later in opposite order. Fascinating but very trying. I had to control my curious self from just flipping to the end and just read the ending - screw the order of the stories. The chapter I love the most was The Orison of Sonmi - 451. It was beautiful how the it had been written, about a slaving clone who had become too intelligent for her own good. Ironcially, the human race who put her to death would later worship her as a goddess in Shoosha's Crossing and Everything After, the next chapter. This was also the chapter that was so diffcult to read that I almost threw the book in frustration.

There are some interesting stuff I found in the book like a small mention of Singapore, or Papa Song (which sounds awfully like Bread Papa), references to what I think is Shakespeare and a geographical error of Hokkaido in Korea.

Apart from this chapter and the first (to me), this is wonderful book. It may not be to your liking though. Otherwise, read it and have fun figuring it out.

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