Friday, March 17, 2006

More information on the movie plus trailer

The trailer (for the better quality go to the official site and click on the TV in Ratio's room)looks great. I like how the apple is floating around, how the there are fang marks on it. You can almost imagine the invisible Ryuk playing around with the apple, invisible to all but Ratio(Light). The split second footage of L, staring like a corpse. And the scenes of the skies, indication of how Light wants to be seen as God. The weather is almost listening and doing his bidding. Light Yagami. God of the New World.

Distributor: Warner Bros.
"Warners Financing Live Action 'Death Note' Movie"
(Aiming box-office sales of 10 billion yen, more than 320 theaters.)

Light: Tatsuya Fujiwara
L: Kenichi Matsui
Misa: Erika Toda
Souichiro: Takeshi Kaga
Sayu: Hikari Mitsushima
Sachiko: Michiko Godai
Watari: Shunji Fujimura
Matsuda: Souta Aoyoama
Aizawa: Shin Shimizu
Ukita: Tatsushi Okuda
Mogi: Ikuji Nakamura
Shiori: (original character for the movie) Yuu Kashima
Raye Penber: Shigeki Hosokawa
Naomi Misora: Asaka Seto
Takuo Shibuimaru: Kaohiko Kaoda

Shinigami will be represented with CG.
The voice actors for Ryuk and Rem are not decided yet.

From the 10 billion yen expectations and it being distributed by Warner Bros, this is a major movie. Or rather major movies. There are two movies. And if the movies are sucessful, we can expect a third.

The fact that they booked an entire subway line (one of the busiest in Japan) in the day to film the movie, proves that this movie is teh BIG. The amount of money they poured in.....

I can only hope that they do not screw the plot too much. And Ryuk MUST look alright. I'm praying that he do not look like Jar Jar Blinks. If not the entire movie is ruined. Here's hoping that he will looks so creepy that he will give me nightmares.

From the feel of the trailer, especially the first teaser trailer, it seems as though the movies will have a horror feel. Which is fine by me. I do hope that the movies will have the same screw-your-mind effect that the manga has.

High chances that it will come to Singapore?