Saturday, April 29, 2006

The new Trailer

Over 15,000,000 copies sold, it is now a movie!


I must have watched the trailer around six times.

It is fabulous. The new trailer is sooooooo much better than the old one. I thought that Red Hot Chili Pepper's Dani California will totally spoil the movie (Rap? What are they thinking?!) but it turns out that I'm wrong. Fits the movie pretty well. And L (Kenichi Matsui) looks so good. Light (Tatsuya Fujiwara), on the other hand, appears awful. Also his acting from the trailer is not good. He should be acting MAD. Light is insane afterall. I hope in the movie he will perform the iamcrazypsychoticmonster Light to his best ability. I like how he smirks though. :3

CGed Ryuk appears for the first time. He looks fantastic AND creepy. They have done a very good job on him. It makes me want to keep some apples for him. *grin*

I am anticpitating the movie. It's a pity that they didn't show the tennis scene in the trailer. That was one of the scenes that would have been great in action. In any case, it is highly possible that the movie will be distributed to other countries. It will depend on how well it will do in Japan first though.

While promotion of the movie is getting all exciting, deathnote is coming to an end. Page 107 is shocking. The series is finally at its climax. Somewhere out there, L must be laughing. I hate Nate River. Anyway, people are predicting that it will end it is ending at Page 108. Which is totally fine with me. I think Death Note should have ended at Page 59. The first part of Death Note completely screwed up my mind. It is that good. The second arc is not even half as good as it. Only the recent chapters (90+) redempted it. Hopefully the movie will do the manga justice.

The movie will be shown on the 17th of June 2006, in theaters, Japan.

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