Thursday, April 27, 2006

Play: Death and the Maiden

"Death and the Maiden is a moral and psychological thriller about a woman, Paulina, who believes that a stranger who comes to her home is the doctor who, under a military dictatorship, tortured and raped her many years before. Recognising her aggressor by the sound of his voice she begins a sequence of events that she hopes will enable her to both take her revenge and put to an end the voices that have haunted her since her incarceration. However, things are not all they seem and her husband, a political go-getter, starts to doubt his wife's sanity and the stranger's supposed guilt."


Stars Karen Tan, Lim Yu Beng and Daniel Jenkins.

Death and the Maiden would have scored higher if it wasn't so boring in the beginning. It was only when the doctor went over to stay over night at their house that the speed began to pick up. The suspense that the play created is great.

I was wondering whether the doctor is indeed gulity and I loved how the play ends. Perfect. The acting was alright but it could have been better. Overall, a great performance.

Just wondering. Was I the only one who hate the husband? He is quite a jerk hmm?

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