Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day: a time for spending!

Today. A fine sunny rainy Sunday. Forteen of May. Two oh oh six. Afternoon. Mother's Day.

It's mother's day, the day when we filial children dig into our pockets to shower our beloved mothers with gifts of love. While we sob for our empty pockets, our mothers glow with pride and the irritating retailing and dining stores laugh their way to the counters.


I am deeply ashamed to say that I have never ever bought a Mother's day gift for my mother. Apart from a card I made with my sister in Primary one (two?), I have never give anything for mother to boost about to her friends. This year my mother had enough. She came home on this friday with a new handbag and pointed at me, "Thank you for your Mother's day present. Thirty dollar please."


My intelligent mother then proceed to give vague warnings to my two sisters, using her new handbag (and me) as an example. I must confess that we switched the topics immediately.

To make sure that my sisters (and I to give her the thirty dollars) cannot forget today, she dangled her new handbag in front of us the past two days and announced that she will not cook on Sunday nor do chores.

Her tactics worked. My eldest sister decided to bring her out for a late mother's day lunch next week while I took my precious thirty dollar out of my poor purse and sacrificed myself for those chores. My second sister has decided to go into hiding. Doubtless she will return when she finds the cheapest acceptable thing to give to my mother. (just kidding!)

Of course my mother is filled with pride now and is busily boasting to all her firends how filial her children are.

Oh my poor wallet. Curse those retailing stores for having discounts now.