Monday, June 12, 2006

Drama Review 00: My Girl

My Girl is one of the top Korean drama in 2005/2006, braodcasted between 2005-12-14 to 2006-02-02.

Like many korean drama, it has a heroine with two gorgeous men chasing after her heart. Typical story line. The heroine in question, Ju Yoo-rin (Lee Da Hae), is another poor woman with no money and an useless father. In her attempt to get $$$ survive, she takes any job. Even if it is not very legal.

The story goes like this: Guy meets girl. They got into lots of funny situations. Guy needs someone to pretend to be his long-lost cousin for his grandfather. Girl agrees. More funny situation comes up as they lied to the whole family. Another guy appears to try to win her heart.

Based on the one episode I have watch, it is hilarilous. This is a show that will have you rolling on the floor. Fans who have seen Lee Joon Ki in The King and the Clown should also watch him take on a completely different role. (I particularly loved the part where he fought in episode two. The driving! X3)

Rating: 7/10. Watch it while you suffer from deprivation of Goong.

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