Sunday, July 16, 2006

Food 01+02: Mix and Man Jia Le

You can't say that Raffles City is boring anymore. Most of the shops in the basement have already opened and I advised you to take a walk around it. Market place has became so much bigger and a large portion of the carpark probably went into it as well. There are plently of restaurants like Thai Express, Din Tai Fung and Teahouse the Asian Kitchen. And yes, our favorite icecream Ben & Jerry.

But what caught my eye was Mix. My mother bought a smoothie (wee size at $5.80) from there and we sat down on the comfortable seats that they provided. The environment was great with nice seats which looked a great deal more comfortable than the ones at Ben & Jerry. They even provide free internet surfing at the two PC there. The drink we ordered was really brilliant with fruits like strawberry and banana with yogurt thrown in. They also offer sandwiches and other nice nice food.

I thought their concept is lovely and their idea for the cup size (wee, wow, woah!) is cute. Though it is more on the expensive side, it sure won't kill you to at least try it once.

Rating: 7/10

Before I met up with my mum at raffles city, my sister and I were shopping at Far Esat Plaza. Feeling very thirsty, I dragged my sister to the basement for a drink where she discovered Man Jia Le which has a few newspaper cuttings on its drinks, in particular, Yuan Yang and Nai Chai (milk tea). So I tried their Hong Kong Milk Tea ($1.80) while my sister tried the Yuan Yang ($2).

The nai chai is good but after drinking the real thing in Hong Kong last year, especially after the one that is highly recommended in HK itself, this is nothing. I still can't find any that can best that. The nai chai at Man Jia Le is better than the usual singapore standard but nothing exciting. The yuan yang is great though.

Rating: 6.5/10 If I didn't had that ultra nice nai chai in HK, I would have given them a much higher score.

Both Mix and Man Jia Le are nice but go to Man Jia Le if you want cheap and nice drinks.

Food 00: menotti

A friend has recently informed me that one should never dine in a restaurant within 6 months of its opening especially for chinese food. This is a piece of really good advice as my terrifying experience at the Imperial Treasure La Mian Xiao Long Bao at Marina Square has shown me in June when I celebrated my bday with my family.

Yesterday, taking the advice to heart, we went to the italian restaurant (or café & bar) Menotti, at Raffles City. The service is fantastic. We ordered our food from an uber friendly waitress who was very patient with my mother who wanted lobster and spaghetti yada yada. Kudos to that.

The food is alright, above average. I ordered a dinner set for $29.90, while my mother and sisters went for the pasta. I tried all three while waiting for my main course and I thought they tasted rather good. For me, I had a starter of spinach and crab soup (which was pretty nice though my mum hated it) and fish with mushroom in white wine (can't really remember) and finally a free choice for desert (pastry) which my sister decided on the sinfully sorbert.

I have to minus marks for that stinky error they made in not cooking the fish completely. One of the pieces was not well cooked and I could see some redness in the middle. Fortunately that was the last piece I ate or I would have lost my appetite. Ignoring that, the main course was actually rather nice, especially when I ate the fish with the mashed potato with the white wine sauce. Taken on its own, the white wine sauce would have overpowered the taste of the black pepper fish.

We had actually wanted to order one of the cakes which was recommended by a friend but it was not available. Pity. Also, I do not believe you can reserve in advance. When my sister and I tried to reserve at 5++, they politely shattered that thought. Finally, Menotti is mildly expensive. Pasta starts from $19. Desert is a must try unless you can afford to go to Bakerz Inn. In fact, go there for the pastry and cake and not for lunch/dinner.

Rating: 6.8/10 Would have gave more but for the fish.

Menotti is at #01-17, beside Bakerz Inn. Tel: 6333 9366

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Movie Review 00: The King and the Clown

I watched the King and the Clown with my sis yesterday. It's a pretty good movie with a rather good insight as to the historical Korean culture. That Lee Joon Ki acted in this movie is an extra point.

It's rather funny in the beginning. However, it's mostly sexual in reference. If you dislike this sort of thing, you may feel offended.

Plot wise, it's pretty good. The subtleties involved in enlightening the King and the way he ignored those that he did not want to see are fantastic. I especially liked the friendship between Gong gil and Jang-sang is really powerful and in particular, the part where they pretended to be blind. Though, this is a movie with homosexual themes, it does not really show anything (apart from the kiss and Gong gil taking off his clothes in the beginning). Rather mild when you compared to Brokeback Mountain. However, if you can't stand loads of emotional vibes between guys you may want to skip the movie.

What I really noticed in the movie, are the background and the costumes. They are so beautiful! The palace is rather different from the one I saw in Jewel in the Palace. Probably because their budget is a lot higher than the TV serials.

Rating: 7/10 Worth $8.90 to watch it.