Sunday, July 02, 2006

Movie Review 00: The King and the Clown

I watched the King and the Clown with my sis yesterday. It's a pretty good movie with a rather good insight as to the historical Korean culture. That Lee Joon Ki acted in this movie is an extra point.

It's rather funny in the beginning. However, it's mostly sexual in reference. If you dislike this sort of thing, you may feel offended.

Plot wise, it's pretty good. The subtleties involved in enlightening the King and the way he ignored those that he did not want to see are fantastic. I especially liked the friendship between Gong gil and Jang-sang is really powerful and in particular, the part where they pretended to be blind. Though, this is a movie with homosexual themes, it does not really show anything (apart from the kiss and Gong gil taking off his clothes in the beginning). Rather mild when you compared to Brokeback Mountain. However, if you can't stand loads of emotional vibes between guys you may want to skip the movie.

What I really noticed in the movie, are the background and the costumes. They are so beautiful! The palace is rather different from the one I saw in Jewel in the Palace. Probably because their budget is a lot higher than the TV serials.

Rating: 7/10 Worth $8.90 to watch it.

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