Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Writings: Who took my heart

Today I tried to run. But I can't. I felt nothing but a growing emptiness. I glanced down and saw a gaping hole. Where my heart was.

Who took my heart?

I wondered how I am still alive and breathing and walking and doing everything that people with hearts do. I recalled reading how humans cannot function with hearts. Hearts beat the oxygen to the rest of the bodies.

Where is my heart?

Blood grows cold. They pool around the body. Shiny and red. Like strawberries freshly picked. The colour of tomato. They are warm. But even they bow down to the cold.

Who stole my heart?

I ran. Rather, I tried to. The cold took over me until I was a figure of ice. I bowed down.

Am I dying?

The blood is cold and dark. The body is cold. It stole my heart.

Who are you the creature with no heart?

I stared at the knife in my hand. The blood has already crusted. It is a dark red, almost brown. Like the timberland shoes it was wearing. He stole my heart. The monster broke free in me. And it stole his. A fair exchange.

We have no heart.

Because he took ours.

Note: was trying out a new style of writing. I think I made some errors here and there. Probably no one will understand.

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Saturday, August 19, 2006


Together with the North East Community Development Council, the festival presents another night of WOMADNESS with WOMAD in the Heartlands. This year will be the fourth edition of the festival’s outreach program and will take place in Hougang (Blk 814, Hougang Ave 10) on 19 August from 7pm.

The WOMAD artists, flags and global village of international food and craft stalls will all appear and help bring the spirit, music and color of WOMAD and the world to Hougang. WOMAD in the Heartlands will feature artist Stevie Goldsmith, who will present a series of workshops that share the movements, stories and music of Aboriginal culture with the school children of Hougang, culminating in a short performance piece.

Womad today! Go and watch it!

edit: came back. it's pretty interesting. took the photo that graced this post. Hougang is pretty happening now. There were like two other events going on apart from WOMAD. The line-dancing and the usual chinese (opera?/getai) performances.