Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dell's service should improve

Having enduring no computer (or in my sister's case, hauling her laptop from work to home everyday) for weeks, we finally caved in and bought a dell computer online. Which started off a chain of events that left us quite unhappy.

To do Dell justice, their response after we ordered our PC was quick. They send us an email regarding our delivery, explaining why it cannot be send on that day. They even called. Which was nice.

Since I was in the middle of my exams and my sisters are both at work, we postponed our delivery. Instead of receiving our computer on friday due to some dell problems, we requested them to send our computer on the next Thursday. That's when all the unhappiness began.

My sister rushed home, and worm even came. It was a wasted trip for him though. The PC did not arrive. When worm called the customer service hotmail, a woman informed us that the PC will arrive at 6 pm. It did not. The worst thing was no one even bothered to inform us that the PC was not coming. A simple call would have done the trick. But they did not. I was furious, my sister annoyed, and my mom pissed off.

What a waste of time.

The second incident that made us unhappy was regarding the setting up of the computer. We have no idea we have to ask dell to fix the PC when we ordered. It was a good thing worm was here. If not the computer would have just collected dust in the boxes. It was possible that we did not check the box for the computer set up (we wouldn't have mind paying more for it), but still...

Another matter that grated me was the warrenty card. I think dell should have written somewhere that the card doesn't comes with the PC. :( My sister had to email them to clear everything up. sigh.

This incident has given us a really bad experience from Dell. Unless Dell has some extreme discount, I doubt I will buy my laptop from them next year.

Edit: it appears that dell has found my blog. i wonder how they found it? hmm. not going to reply back to them cos everything is here. and the warranty card thing is resolved.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Death Note the movie

19th October 2006

it's listed in yahoo as a documentary. WTF?!