Sunday, October 15, 2006

Haze, Pow Sing and ?

It's 6.42 am now and the sky is red with the haze. It's foggy and I anticipate that it will be far worse than whatever yesterday reading's was. Right now the PSI is 69. Everyone take your mask out!

Dinner was a scary affair yesterday at the family gathering. Normally, there is a constant flow of food from 4.30pm onwards to 10pm at night. But for yesterday "enjoy food festival", 120 satays from Chomp Chomp, very famous chicken rice, crispy tofu, the famous fish head curry, duck with sea cucumber and oyster egg from Pow Sing. And two home-cooked vegetables dished. Oh don't forget the ben and jerry ice cream. And I didn't join in for the supper part (chinese tea, mooncakes and other assorted delicious treats).

I kind of feel like this:

I feel fat now. haha. although my cousins were giving me black faces when the weighing scales says I'm still 46.6kg. :P But I guess I ate too much cos I got a horrible nightmare about ghosts. @__@

It was fun though. All the nice food. Though we couldn't finish the statays. Too many!

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