Monday, October 16, 2006

Movie Review 01: Death Note

When I saw the trailer for Death Notes months ago, I didn't thought that it would even be half as good as the manga. I was proved completely wrong when I watched the movie yesterday. Even my sister who knows nothing about Death Note likes it.

The plot is basically this: a university law student, Yagami Light finds a notebook that claims people can be killed just by thinking of the person and writing the name in it. When he discovers that it's real, he uses it to kill criminals to make the world a "better" place. That is, until the international police(or something similar) turns to L for help, a famous mysterious detective, and the fun begins with the two geniuses fighting a battle of wits.

It is NOT a horror movie.

It is a surprisingly good movie with a very good plot. And the protagonist is so evil that you almost can't imagine it. The only thing I didn't like was the acting of Light by Tatsuya Fujiwara. He just isn't evil enough. Give more psychotic smirks and laughter!

I like the details paid to the characters. L, for example was portrayed very well as the genius weirdo with a sweet tooth. Everyone laughed when he made his first appearance. And when he started eating and eating and... eating.

One word of warning. The movie has a very anti-climatic ending. Everything will be continued in the the second movie, Death Note: The Last Name.

Death Note: The Last Name is coming out in Singapore on 28th December 2006.

Death Note: The Last Name Trailer 1 and Trailer 2

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