Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Writings: Toilets

Nothing is scarier than the toilet on second floor on the left turn. Horrifying stories have led him to the startling conclusion that the place is haunted. He swore that the toilet gurgled, moaned, and sniffed at him! Why it decided to sniff is a mystery that he does not know. Perhaps it is lonely. Sad. Depressed. We have digressed from our little tale for the emotional state of toilets is of no importance in this story. What matters however is our brave poor protagonist who happens to be frightened of a haunted toilet. Yes! this man, the male specimen of the homo sapiens is fearful for his life due to a toilet gurgling, moaning, and sniffing at him!

Ridiculous! You exclaimed. A man afriad of a faulty toilet that has been flushed one too many times and cleaned his bottom thoroughly! How foolish. Poor little man frighten of a toilet. May he find a girlfriend who has more wits than he has.

My handphone replaced the rest of this entry with *some text missing* -.-*

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