Friday, November 09, 2007

Food 03: Sun with Moon

It's been ages since I last blogged about any restaurant (although I've been to plenty of them). A fresh start requires a good recommend and Sun with Moon is certainly a great restaurant that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. Sun with Moon is a Japanese dining and cafe serving wonderful japanese food.

The beef kamameshi which unfortunately does not look appetizing due to my horrible photography

The kamameshi is one of the restaurant's signature dish. At $14++, it is certainly worth for money. The kamameshi is a traditional Japanese rice dish cooked in an iron pot with various kinds of meat, seafood, and vegetables. For the two occasions I was there, I couldn't resist and ordered their beef kamameshi which was extremely tasty. The only grief I had was that I couldn't find the egg that was supposed to be on top of the beef kamameshi - but that may be caused by me mixing the rice a bit too viciously. Their salmon kamameshi was in my opinion not as good but I was biased towards my love for beef.

The Rainbow Roll of avocado and mango maki sushi

I highly recommend the Rainbow Roll sushi which has 3 pieces of mango sushi and avocado sushi of soft shelled crab each. Do eat it with the slices of ginger provided and dip it in the soy sauce.

Asides from the sushi, I have also tried their fried soft shelled crab which unfortunately was not to my liking. While the serving was generous, i just couldn't bring my self to finish it. However it definitely tastes better than Sakae Sushi's variety.

Green Tea Parfait

Recently recommended by Urban for their afternoon tea selection, they have a fine selection of deserts. One of their signature dish, the Tofu Cheesecake was in disappointingly small portion. It was so miserable that I almost wanted to order another dish of it. If you ever visit Sun with Moon, you must try it! Another desert that I liked was the Green Tea Parfait. Topped with a serving of japanese red bean and a dash of whipped cream with the green tea ice cream, it was delicious! The Parfait have several levels with the ice cream at the top, the japanese chestnuts and dumplings somewhere in between and the cornflakes at the bottom. Highly recommended.

The view outside from our tables

My family was lucky to get a place just beside the window but what was amazing was not the view outside but the environment of the restaurant. Each part of the restaurant is decorated differently from the others.

Fearful to not get any seats from the highly crowded restaurant during peak hours, my family called in advance to reserve and I do advise any one who like to eat from seven pm onwards to reserve a place. The restaurant only starts serving at 6.30pm but it is always good practice to go there earlier to secure a place or risk queuing.

Rating: 8/10

Sun with Moon is located at #03-15/16/17 Wheelock Place Tel: 6733-6636

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