Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Food 04: Marché

Went to eat at Marché (vivo city branch) last Sunday.

Marché is pretty much a self-service Swiss restaurant with a concept not unlike that of Seoul Garden(which flopped pretty badly in the recent years). Using a card to scan what you ordered, you only pay for the food when you leave the restaurant.

I was expecting the restaurant to be bigger and there was a short queue when I arrived there (around 12.20).

Grilled Chicken Breast

The grilled chicken was smaller than I thought. It was $6++ . If I asked for the whipped potato instead of the baked potato, I would probably be left hungry. The taste was ordinary, nothing fantastic. The existence of the pepper sauce managed to save it but only barely.

Premium Smoked Salmon Rösti

The rösti is actually potato sliced to fine stripes and fried to a lovely brown. When eaten with the sour sauce provided, it tastes wonderful. The dish came with a generous amount of smoked salmon. The salmon was soft and was pretty good even to someone like me who detest salmon. Priced at $13+, I only wished the size was bigger.

Rating: 7/10

Note to self: stop taking photographs with lousy HP camera.

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