Monday, January 14, 2008


Sunday is for class.

Photo was taken during the short break. The hall was completely packed forcing some unfortunate people to sit on the stairways. Though if a 4 hour business lecture on sunday wasn't bad enough, I had programming directly after that. (But even my programming lecturer was feeling lazy so we all went off early at 3pm instead of 4pm)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Food 06: Nova Gourmet

Nova Gourmet at Ngee Ann City

This F&B outlet isn't Japanese (for once! lol). It serves pasta and baked rice and is more expensive than the typical pasta mania store. If you ever popped by the store at the gourmet section (basement level 2), do try their pasta. The thing is, you can choose whatever sauce you like for any pasta. Do try the thai Basil sauce. It is fantastic! Smoked beacon and ham- cream sauce pasta replaced with the thai Basil, taste strangely appropriate.

However, I have yet to try their salads or baked rice so I can't give any review on them. The soup was alright, like most of the other restaurant.

I do have gripes about the serving of the food though. It seems as though each time I went there the amount of food get less. But I do like their concept (and their website!). The outlet is hidden deep inside takashimaya so do not overlook it!

Nova Gourmet is located at #B204-2-1, Takashimaya S.C. Tel:67359311