Friday, July 18, 2008

Futae no Kiwami

The following videos may be removed by youtube at any point in time.

Futae no Kiwami, according to Urban Dictionary, is a move that Sanosuke from Kenshin used. Sanosuke tend to scream "Futae no Kiwami AHHH!" when using it.

Futae no Kiwami (フタエノキワミ) is also a meme which Japanese created after listening to the various dubbing (english, spanish, italian), where the people dubbing made several fundamental mistakes in prouncing the japanese terms.

"But above all others, the rather awkward-sounding English dub earned the most love from JP viewers. The most memorable part? Sanosuke's English-ified battle cry of "FUTAE NO KIWAME" followed immediately by a crazed "YEAAAAARGGHHHH!!!!" as he lunges towards Shishio.

In fact, Japanese fans loved the English "FUTAE NO KIWAME" so much that they decided to make it their own. And craziness promptly ensued.
" ---- from Japanator

And yes. There is a game based on it. Omg My eyes. Google 変更内容...1面下方修正らしい if you want to play it. It's a shooting game. Touhou game hack.

The original video which created the entire thing.

This is really the source of everything that appeared.

Warning: The following videos can be offensive and hilarious (even more so if you understand japanese)

Futae no Kiwami X Caramelldansen. Watch at your own risk. Stop talking about Kenshin's manly parts T_T

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