Monday, July 28, 2008

Writings: Sun

The sun is shining.

"Move! Move to the other side!"

Like lambs scampering from the wolves, they escape to the safety of the Right Side.

But alas, things are not meant to be. The moment they moved, the angry fireball strike again! The sun crackled and growled, a predator on the prowl for its prey. The rays blinded them, turning the surrounding to hues of red and orange.

"To the left!" One of the men cried out even as sweat pooled down his face.

Nothing, however, was meant to be.

Just as they struggled to the Left Side, like an enemy with a vengeance, the sun struck its ray at them.

It is futile!

The people sighed and groaned as they gave up and endured the numerous turns that the driver made, inducing the sun's wrath on one side of the bus.

Note: AHhahaha. Bet you didn't think that the people were escaping from the sun on a bus. XD I wrote this ages and ages ago about the pains people suffered on a non-aircon bus. Recently found it stuffed inside a blank notepad.

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