Friday, August 15, 2008

First Medal Since Independency

Singapore has finally won her first medal since 48 years ago. She won 3 - 2 to the South Koreans in which Feng Tian Wei, Li Jia Wei and Wang Yue Gu played impressively.

A sense of déjà vu overcame me when I saw Li Jia Wei struggling with her South Korean counterpart. I had watched the same semifinal 4 years ago where Jia Wei faltered and Singapore missed the medal by a brush of the fingertips. This time round though she had once again lost the single match, her team mate, Feng Tian Wei had won and ensured a silver jade medal at the very least.

I have no table tennis photo to post hence the flag.

The next match versus China will be held on Sunday. There is a sense of irony since the players are all from China. Nevertheless, this is a match that all of Singapore will surely cheer for.

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