Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Food Review: Astons Specialties

I had dinner at Astons Specialties after watching The Lousy Movie that Made Us Face Vaulted today with my BF.

As we went in there quite early, there wasn't any queue. Thanks god.

There wasn't much of a difference between the pepper steak (medium) and the prime sirloin (medium) apart from the sauces. Nevertheless, the steak was well grilled with juicy lovely pink in the middle. I prefer eating it without the mushroom sauce provided for the sirloin though. The sauce overpowered the taste of the steak instead of complementing it. The size of the steak was also smaller than I expected but the taste certainly made up for it.

You can choose your two side dishes. The Mash Potato taste like it was from instant packets (though the sauce was alright) and I recommend people to not order the pasta salad. It was horrible.

Reasonable at 11.90 for the prime sirloin. Other dishes have lower prices. However I find the 'Includes Two Side Dishes' description rather misleading. There are no service charge as well. Only the dreary GST.

Not exactly great. The tables are squeezed to maximize the usage and it was really uncomfortable to be seated so closely with other people. I never went to the outdoor/smoking section so I can't give a comment on that.

The staff seemed to be confused as to the role they are doing; are they still training the staff? I even have a staff who send the two bowls of soup to my table by mistake.

Rating: 7/10

Astons Specialties, Level 4, The Cathay

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