Sunday, August 10, 2008

Drafts and drafts

It is with no small amount of amusement when I realized that I only started writing again because of stress. Before that I was kind of stuck in limbo; I was busily playing mmorpg and going out that I hardly even read.

So it was both a good and bad thing when inspiration started striking into my brain. Good as I'm writing again! But bad as I was having an exam. Not exactly a good time to write stuff.

In any case I started writing and scribbling all over the place - on the my scheduler, on an old notepad I used for financial calculation, on a free notepad that my school gave, on pieces of paper torn off hastily, and a Carl Junior feedback form. Eventually - when I went to Batam - I bought a nice A5 notebook and began transferring whatever I could to it.

I call it the draft book. Writing manually is like a draft to me. The first time I wrote is a draft draft. The next revision which goes into the draft book is the draft. The final piece which I type on the computer is the complete piece. I do understand that this way of writing is extremely time-consuming but it's how I work. Ultimately I hope I improved enough that I can write on the draft book immediately.

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