Monday, September 22, 2008

Food Review: AMK Hub wanton mee

I went to AMK hub's foodcourt at level 3 to eat recently. Being a wanton mee lover, I tried a noodle stall with nice little FBI Tips flags around it.


The speciality of the stall seemed to be the handmade noodles as I saw some articles pasted on the glass panel, exhorting the wonders of it. The noodles is indeed rather Q. But it left a strange taste in my mouth. It is after mixing the noodles with some chilli that it becomes more palatable. The three wantons do not have prawns either.

I feel deceived by the numerous of articles placed all over the stall.

Rating: 5/10

AMK Hub, Food court at Level 3, Unit 9.


meowz said...

been there, ate there, eons ago.
you shld have checked w me earlier. i'm there almost once a wk. hahah~!

T__T said...

I didn't know. wah. There got good stuff to eat?

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