Friday, September 12, 2008

Money Eating Habits

"I don't spend much...", that's what most people say but in reality they do spend a lot!

Basic expenses such as transport, food and bills are unavoidable but what about the non-basic items?

For me however, the biggest culprit is food. Every month I'll go to restaurants at least twice. Higher tier fastfood chains such as Subway, Carl Jr and Pepperlunch are also favourites of mine that are patronised at least twice a month as well. Fastfood? Once a week.

Oh sushi! How can I resist you?

The next biggest culprit is books. I used to spend $10 dollars per week on comics. Fortunately I have stopped buying comics and have even sold a couple of series at a huge loss. Unfortunately, I still have not shake off my wallet killing habit of buying novels. I must have spend at least a thousand on my books though I do not regret it yet.

My upper 2 shelves for my books. I have another shelf that is not photographed...

Third biggest expense is clothings. Even though I shopped at no brand outlets, I still spend a lot on clothes. The worst thing? I often buy on impulse. Meaning, whatever I buy will end up rotting in the wardrobe. I have been trying very very hard to curb this habit but have so far failed.

These are the three major expenses for me. As a student who lives with her family, I spend far less than someone who is working but more than what a person of my status should do.

So here's some basic tips in helping you (and myself) to save!

1.Keep yourself healthy! My trip to doc yesterday robbed me of $36.
2. Bringing a water bottle to lunch/school/work. Unless you are buying food that comes with free beverage, a water bottle will definitely save money for you.
3. Take public transport. Cabs are so expensive nowadays. Don't take unless you really need it!
4. Do an account of everything you spend. I know how hard this can be (I done it before!) But you can cut the amount of money you spend when you see exactly how much you spend!
5. Borrow books. Instead of buying books, borrow them! Or reserve them when you can't find them.
6. Wait for warehouse sales. You can get items at less than half the price at warehouse sales.
7. Buy online. Auction or even US websites can be far cheaper than buying physically. Be sure to use comgateway or similar alternatives if you buy from US sites.
8. Deposit your money smartly. If you are adverse to risk, you can try placing your money in time deposit or in banks with higher interest rates.

Hope everyone can benefit from these simple tips!


Karen said...

I spot hikaru no go on the shelves. I was a fan for this comic series too! Stopped comics reading long ago.. :(

T__T said...

I love Hikaru no Go! Which was probably why I couldn't bear to sell it. Nowadays if I read manga I borrow from friends or read *coughonlinecough*

lelangir said...

Might like this site

T__T said...

that's a rather interesting site. I did feel for the author's spending habit... my family used to be almost the same. *laughs*

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