Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Overshadowed by Lehman Bros and Abdullah

Yip Pin Xiu won gold in the paralympic yesterday. At 58.75 seconds, she was way ahead from the rest of the swimmers. Yet, there was scarcely a celebratory mood in Singapore. The The Straits Times neglected to place her on the front page, preferring instead to devoted a huge section of the space to Lehman Brothers and Malaysian PM Abdullah.

Apart from the tiny she relegated not to the first page of the sports section - that honour belongs to the GP as F1 formulas are more important than any sports - but the first page of the so-called normal sport section.

Singapore finally won a gold, yet the quality of this gold seemed much lesser to its Olympic sliver counterpart. If Abdullah's weakening power are more important than our first gold, there must be something seriously wrong with our society.

Athletes who are disabled should not be penalised. As a gold medal winner, Yip Pin Xiu can only receive S$100,000. A mere 10 percent of the S$1mil that 'normal' athletes can receive if they won gold in the Olympics. Does this mean that she give only 10% of the effort? Just what kind of message are we trying to send?

Think about it.

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