Sunday, September 21, 2008

Seiran-sai 2008

The school

The Seiran-sai is organised by Waseda Shibuya High School every year. Like any typical Japanese high school summer festival, the students compete to organise the best stall. There were in total thirty-three booths. Each visitor gets two votes.

As we reached there really late at 1pm - it started at 9.30am - my group weren't able to visit everything. The cafe, haunted hospital and science lab are some of the highlights of the festival but we couldn't went for any of them as it was either sold out, super long queue or closed early.

The places we visited were okumuland, Olypico, Nezumiland (mouse land), Midori-hi, photo gallery, Waseshibu, Bazaar, Japanese tea ceremony, art pieces, OC room.


I really enjoyed all the games but the more notable one was Class 1B Mouseland. To enter the games section, the visitors would have to crawl in through a 'mousehole'. My friend and I were both very uncomfortable as we were wearing skirts. Somehow along the way I managed to lose my sandal and my friend bumped herself on the head.

There were 4 games to be played and each sections were nicely separated by black cloth. In fact, I was rather amazed at how the students were are to make full use of all the space such that they even have enough space for the students to rest. The games we played were answering questions (all mouse related), zigsaw puzzle, and finding a capsule with a picture of a mouse and finding a certain balloon while a whole mess of balloons were being stirred around.

Throw a pizza through the mouth.

Another class with great games was 2b's Okumuland. While they did not make creative use of the space, the games were interesting enough to excuse it. Moreover, they are very organised unlike one class we went to. The games included dart throwing, hitting the mole, finding the correct ball and throwing (cardboard) pizza.

Sakura Mochi: sweet and delicious

We also managed to go for the tea ceremony. I loved it though I had needles in my legs. Ouch! the mochi tasted fantastic! My only grudge was how the I cannot see properly how the student performed the ceremony.

Below are more photos I have taken.

Green Tea. Bitter but a good contrast with the mochi

I wonder who forced all the guys to wear female yukata

Some of the students' work

Food Map
More students' works

Items from the Bazaar

The only thing I hated about the place was the lack of food! Almost everything was sold out by the time we went there. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my trip and would most likely return next year. I have to try that haunted hospital!

Some words for people who would like to visit the place next year: It's open to the all members of the public as long as YOU DO NOT COSPLAY OR WEAR GOTHIC/PUNK/LOLITA. Wearing casual clothes and behaving as you would in any other school is strongly advised.

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