Monday, October 20, 2008

Book Review: Get more Referrals Now!

I have decided to try to read and review at least one book every week. This is contribution of the week.

Get more Referrals Now! by Bill Cates

I borrowed this book on a whim. I already had 3 books and was looking for a random fourth book to borrow. The bright red colour of the book caught my attention and I took it.

This book introduced the concept of getting clients to recommend more clients. It also touches on how to navigate with clients who are unwilling to do so. Written in simple-to-understand sentences with some examples, it makes reading easy. Quite a useful book for a sales person who has yet to utilise this technique.

It has too much repetition though. I find that some of the topics he wrote could have been eliminated to create a more concise and better reading. Certain chapters should also be combined. In addition, things like good services to the customers and feedbacks are more of common senses than advices.

Get more Referrals Now! is a book that sales people or anyone starting a business should read if they have never read anything similar on the subject. While it does give some advices, a good part of those advices are really things that people in service sector should and must know.

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