Monday, October 27, 2008

Book Review: How Starbucks Saved my Life

Waste of time.

Those were the words that popped in my head once I finished the book. To sum up everything? Terrible writings and full of flash backs. As I read the book, all I could feel is a old man trying to cram his best moments in his life into one book. And boy, does he fails at it.

The book is full of flashbacks. One moment he's talking about Starbucks, the next it's Queen Elizabeth and the Mess He Made in Front of Her. That is just one of the many examples in the book where he goes off ramblings about the famous people he has met and spoken with before. Is there a need to go on and on about his flashy past? I want to read about how he has changed and not the complete collections of Mr Micheal Gates Gill's fascinating past.

His rationalization of his so-called mistakes is even more baffling. Is he trying to make himself likeable to his readers by admitting that his affair was doomed to fail? Or that he has suddenly realised black people are people too!

I did wondered if he is trying to promote Starbucks. You see pages of him exhorting the goodness of Starbucks. If Starbucks has saved him, the book sure didn't explain how. Then again by writing this book and getting people to buy this book, he probably has saved himself using Starbucks's name.

This book probably would have been better if he focused more on his co-workers. Crystal and Kester are two of those who are particularly interesting. It's too bad he didn't for I will definitely not waste my time recommending this book to anyone.

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