Friday, October 31, 2008

Comic Spotlight: Sei-ji Rakugaki

The Comic Spotlight is a new addition to this site where we will be looking at comic illustrators weekly. Today's spotlight falls on Sei-ji Rakugaki. He isn't really a comic artist though.

Sei-ji Rakugaki is a brilliant illustrator based in Singapore who does political illustrations. As far as I know - and can find on google - he's the only person in Singapore who does this online.

On the Severance Package

Sei-ji Rakugaki has been around since 2006, posting in his blog, My Sketchbook. His works give a satirical views on contemporary issues in Singapore and pokes fun at the foot-in-the-mouth speeches that our government is fond of making.

This includes speech by our Minster Mentor:
Summary of LKY's Mating Speech

And our economics woes of the ever increasing ERP gantries:
ERP expanding

Visit My Sketchbook for more of his humorous works. He also has another site where he posts drawings.

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