Thursday, October 16, 2008

Movie Review: 20th Century Boys

If only there wasn't so much talking in the second half

It turns out that Lifestyle ($trait Time$) is right. The movie suffered from poor pacing. That is disappointing as in the first half of the movie, tension is building up from the horrifying events and the startling revelations (who murdered them? Friend is...?!).

However, the movie failed to maintain that tension with its often excessive flashbacks. As a manga reader, I know how important the flashbacks are. However, they interrupted the flow of the movie just when it got exciting. This is especially so when Kenji started remembering about his sister (yes, I know how significant that scene was but non-readers would not know!) and her dead boyfriend. It just breaks the atmosphere of Kenji's plight at Friend's hand. Where's the action?

One of the major flaws of the movie was constant jumping around in time. First 2015, then 1973, 1997, 2015 etc. It is totally disorientating as it is not well done in the second half of the movie. The trick they used in the last part of the movie is the ultimate. I have no idea what possessed them to do it as it is not slick and causes more confusion for the viewers.

There is also no build up for some of the scenes. For instance, it like BAM! Otcho returns from Thailand. Similarly the part about the professor's daughter. It's like BAM!BAM! daughter appears and do creepy act. I would have rather they stick to the manga version of this scene. Makes far more sense than the creepy act in a brothel thing.

My conclusion? Fans of the series will enjoy the movie as it sticks closely to the manga. Likewise, non-fans will not enjoy this movie as it has poor manga to movie transition.

BTW, if anyone is wondering why the military did not attack the robot and how that thing appeared in the end, see here, here and here.

Rating: 6/10 (I enjoyed the movie. bias rating? D;)


Wilfrid said...

Hiya, thanks for dropping by my webbie. Yep, you brought up a good point, the constant jumping in time sort of disorientated me for a bit at the beginning and towards the end, it gets much better.

For the non-fan, I think I still do enjoy the movie - though not as much as the fan. And I am motivated to read the manga though after watching the show :)

T__T said...

I have a very pessimistic view. It will be great if anyone likes it as well as you do of course.

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