Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jam is not good for you

The author was stuck in a bloody jam.

The person sitting next to her was cleaning the windows with reddish dyed hair. If you call the creation of oil patches on bus windows an act of cleaning.

The person seated behind her was reading the newspaper. To be precise, he was reading the TODAY newspaper dated 23 October 2008. Each time the author tried to sleep, the toxic fumes emitted by TODAY gave her a headache and stops her from catching any winks. Of course, it wasn't as bad as the odour that she was inflicted upon the other day on the bus. Or the week before.

So here she was, in the Great Jam of Singapore, sitting in a bus that a old woman walking slowly could probably overtake. As though to aggravate her, the road across was beautifully void of any vehicles. Meanwhile, the bus was still suntanning at the long stretch of road beside MacRitchie Reservoir. And she was, oh, 40 minutes late for class. What a lovely morning...

Eventually the bus moved. The author made it to her school after 1 hours and 15 minutes being stuck in the traffic jam. She wondered who was that politician in Singapore who claimed you could get to anywhere in Singapore under 20 minutes.

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