Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Avenue Q

Avenue Q is a popular musical on the Broadway which has won acclaim overseas. From 30th October to 16 November, the Filipino production will be performing it in Esplanade Theatre.

Last Sunday, I went to see the musical at our beloved national durians. It was every bit as entertaining as I thought. Avenue Q tells the story of a fresh college graduate, Princeton who is looking for a cheap apartment and inadvertently discovers Avenue Q and its group of wacky characters.

Avenue Q is wonderfully entertaining. A parody of the Sesame Street, the characters are a mixture of puppets (Nicky, Rod, Tekkie monster, Kate Monster, Princeton, Lucy the Slut etc) and actors (Brian, Christmas Eve and Gary Coleman). Much laughters were generated from the obvious dig at Tekkie Monster (the older version of Cookies Monster with porn addiction?) and the best friends, Rod and Nicky (reincarnation of Bert and Ernie?). However it is most definitely not for kids (our government has imposed a NC-16 label on it), with plenty of sexual innuendos (The Internet is for Porn) and one full puppets sex scene.

It is crude but fun. Still, the catchy songs can't stop one from seeing the flimsy plot. The first half of the musical was great with plenty of musical numbers and the various sub-plots were nicely brought out. However, they were so perfectly resolved in the second half. I also could not hear some of the actors properly, in particular, Christmas Eve's fake Japanese accent. It was hard to hear some of her lines.

Nevertheless, Avenue Q is great musical for all puppets and humans as long as you are above 16. Now will the songs please stop playing in my head?

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