Monday, November 03, 2008

Book Review: Savings and Debts

Published by Penguin Books, Saving and Debt are two little thin books that are simple to understand. These are books meant for the ordinary people who do not know anything about heavy financial jargon. They are also illustrated with colourful graphics unlike other boring and stuffy financial books on the subjects.

Saving by Juliane Otterbach

Saving covers stuff such as social bankings, mortgages, loans and even insurance. It is basically a all-in one book on how you can take control of your financial. In particular, I find the section on mortgages to be tremendously useful.

Debt by Juliane Otterbach

Debt begins by analysing why and how people get into debts. Do look out if you have one of the spending behaviour listed there! What I liked about the book are the sections on student loans and credits cards. It showed the various loans that a student can get. Unfortunately, it is mostly for UK students.

However, both books are written in a UK context. If you are not from UK, some of the contents of the books will be useless. Nevertheless, the books are still useful for as the basic idea of savings and debts are universal. These are the perfect books for anyone who want to know more about the above two topics but are daunted by the typical financial books.

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