Friday, November 14, 2008

Bookfest@Singapore 2008

Bookfest@Singapore is here once again!

Date: 14 Nov to 23 Nov 2008
Time: 10am to 10pm
Venue: Suntec City, Hall 601 to 603

Floor Plan. Taken from Great Deals

Bookfest offers one of the biggest collection of Chinese novels in an exhibition. It is reputably the biggest bookfair in South East Asia. However, the English selection was rather limited when I went there last year. I also recommend grabbing some stationary and notepads at a discount.

For me, I'll probably be going down on either on Saturday or Sunday to browse through the Wu Xia novels and maybe look for the published online chinese novels; I really hope they bring in some of them this year! Here to me hoping that they sell Faber Castell's excellent highlighters.


Ivan Chew said...

I've always wondered if such book sales/ fest help or hurt the loans from public libraries. On the whole though, I'm sure it helps "reading" on a nationwide basis.

T__T said...

It probably won't hurt. Those who want to save money will still go to the library. And there is a very real phenomenon of people buying books and not reading aka people like me. I can finish library books but somehow cannot read the book I bought!

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