Saturday, November 08, 2008

Comic Spotlight: G.T Becks

This week's spotlight falls on one of my favourite online comic, Mazscara. I've been following this particular comic for close to a year. While I first thought that the summary is totally cheesy, comic is FABULOUS. There's ton of action and fighting, the art is relatively good - apart from some weird faces - and there's actually a believable plot!

Mazscara is set in a world where devils, imps, fallen angels seduce people into committing sins and eventually, suicide. The guardian angels can do nothing partly due to the corroding moral values in the 21st century world but also because people do not ask for help from God. Along comes Victoria Starfield, a beautiful actress who committed suicide. Her death resulted in chain suicides among her fans. Resurrected and brought back from hell, she has to stop what she has started.

There is also a sub-plot about her needing to protect 5 important children as part of her terms of getting out from hell. However, there has been no mention about it since the first book. I suspect this will be particularly important later on but for now, Victoria's story far more fascinating! As of book 5, we still do not know why she committed suicide (argh I got spoiled) though much of her past is already revealed.

Tung, Vicky's nemesis

I highly recommend people to read this if you enjoy a good supernatural in modern world with heavy action comic.

Mazscara is rated as mature for gore and suicide scenes. Read Book 1 and 2 here. Book 3 to the latest pages can read here. It is updated every monday, Singapore time.

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