Monday, November 17, 2008

Damages at BookFest@Singapore and MPH Sale

In lieu of my usual book review on Mondays, here's a full account of the bookfairs.

Cats pouches
Colourful cats bags at the stationary section

In a rare show of coincidence (competition?), we had two food fair and two book fairs occurring at the same time at two different places. Phew that's a lot of twos. Anyway, I first thought MPH sales was nothing much - I was proved wrong later - so I went over to bookfest to get my chinese novels.

Towel Gift
Towels decorated like food

As my cousin who came along with me does not like chinese books, I had a limited amount of time to browse through and obtained only two books, 血符(xue fu) and 暗杀(an sha). As per last year, the range of english fiction books was sadly limited with no major discount. I believed all chinese books are subjected to a 20% discount.

Yes, even the hard covers cost $8

On sunday, I went to the MPH sales after reading about the cheap deals on a forum. To my great surprise, most of the books were relatively new and I even saw a couple of non-fiction books published this year going at $8. Cost of the book depends on the size of it. Smaller paperback books cost $5 while bigger books regardless of the cover cost $8. I'm really glad that I went to the warehouse sale; Thirteen new books on my book shelf!

My total damage for both fairs are $111.30 (including stationary) or an average of $7.45 for each book. :D

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