Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Duck Meat and slightly burnt pasta

Every few weeks, my maternal side of the family will assemble in my aunt's house for a family gathering. Food takes as much focus as the family in these gatherings. For the particular week shown in this post, there was so much food I thought I was going to explode!

Bad food photo 01
This was bought from a factory. However, it was so salty that everyone went bleh at it. I guess we wouldn't be buying roast pork from them any time soon.

Bad food photo 02
The duck meat. While the roast pork was just plain bad, the duck meat was alright. Coupled with the duck sauce, it was better. It still didn't come near to some of the better hawker fare though. In addition, the tough meat at one of the erm, parts totally killed my desire to eat more. Man 1 Factory 0.

Well, my aunt actually cooked beehoon and pasta. People who did not like pasta could choose to take the beehoon instead. Since I liked beehoon, I had to take some to savour.

Burnt Seafood Pasta
The Seafood Pasta. Despite its unappetizing appearance, it was actually delicious. Pity about the burnt mozzarella cheese though.

Seafood Pasta
And this was how the pasta really looked like when you removed the offending burnt cheese. Oh yummy!

After main course was of course the fruits! I always find that I ate way more fruits at my aunt's house than I have ate in an entire week. Honeydew, grapes, apples and pineapples were some of the fruits typically served on a good evening.

Photo stolen from Peaz

The dessert is in the form of cedele cookies. It was cruel to break the smile face into pieces but our cruelty was justified when we ate it. I always find that the Short Bread from Mark and Spencers was too thick. This cookie solved that predicament. It was thinner; each bite was enjoyable. The eyes were actually peanuts m&m. A nice complement with the yummy butter cookie.

Lastly was Choya! This is not a frequent sample in the family gatherings. But occasionally we do have dessert wines, red wine and everyone's favourite, choya. We mixed it with some ice cream soda. It's a perfect drink for family gathering if there are kids around.

Well actually there was still another dish left. Chinese dessert: Ginko nut with beancurd skin, made by my mum. I hated this but everyone else loved it. With that, the feast was over. Until the next gathering of course.

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