Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kamboat Dim Sum Kitchen

I was looking for a restaurant at Marina Square when I remembered that Kam Boat Kitchen has a branch there. As we were both poor students, my friend and I jumped at the chance to try their special dim sum lunch set at $13.80.

The lunch set comes with 5 different dim sum. Each person gets to eat one of the two dim sum.


The steamed prawn dumpling and the char siew bao came first instead of the soup. The har gau was very nice.

Char Siew

I liked their char siew bao as well too.


The soup of the day was some carrot soup which was rather tasty.


And here's the crispy chicken spring roll and deep fried beancurd prawn skin roll. The crispy chicken spring roll was bland. However the deep fried beancurd prawn skin roll is definitely one of the best I have eaten. It's almost the same as my mum's but less salty and with more prawns!

Mushroom siew mai
The mushroom was interesting but I didn't like the siew mai. Neither did Rien.

Stewed noodle

The portion for the stewed noodles with sliced meat and golden mushroom was small. As we had eaten all those dim sum before that, we weren't really that bothered by the amount. However, the noodles was dull. There wasn't much flavour.

Mango Pudding
We were given several choices for the dessert such as gui ling gao. We chosen the mango pudding which was lovely and of the right texture.

There were plenty of staff around and they filled up my tea quite often. But I am not very happy that the manager removed my mango pudding when I had not finished it. Overzealous?

The restaurant is quiet. This is probably due to the various empty tables in the restaurant. Overall, I find the place to be good for chatting slowly with your friends while enjoying your food and tea.

At $13.80, this lunch set is pretty affordable for those who are easily full. This lunch set is available if 2 or more people ordered it. With dim sum that hit and miss, people who have high standard for their dim sum would be better off ordering their ala carte main course dishes (which are fantastic at their shaw branch).

Rating: 6/10 (minus for overzealous managers)

Kam Boat dim sum kitchen is at 6 Raffles Bouleverd, #02-05, Marina Square


ladyironchef said...

how come never order their a la carte? about 28 nucks, actually you can order around 7 dim sum at least.

T__T said...

Yeah, it kind of hit me that I could have ordered the dim sums (around 6 including the gst and service?)by itself when I was half way through the course.

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