Friday, November 14, 2008

Ma Maison: Eat the Hamburger Steak

Following His Food Blog's advice, I decided to dine at Ma Maison for a special occasion. I had heard a lot about Ma Maison's hamburger steak with special sauce that apparently takes hours to stew. Being the glutton I am, I ordered the hamburger steak.


Baked potato gratin
Baked potato gratin

For appetiser, I ordered the gratin. While I wouldn't say that this dish was a disappointment, I didn't really liked it. The taste wasn't to my liking. To do it credit, the layer of cheese was thick, the shrimps were succulent and the small potatoes are nicely baked with broccoli. Maybe it was because I do not like the cheese. I do not know.

Hamburger Steak
Sizzling Hamburger Steak

As stated before, Ma Maison is pretty famous for their hamburger steak. I ordered this from their special menu. It's the same hamburger steak but on a heated plate. As the sauce is poured onto the hotplate only when it arrives on the table, the waiter will ask you hold up a napkin to prevent the sauces from spraying on you. The sauce waa salty but it was good. I also liked the fact that it did not dry up like the sauce at Waraku (which, to do it justice was kept warm under a small flame).

The hamburger steak is served on top of some herbs and beansprouts with a small pathetic serving of carrots and broccoli. What happen to a balanced meal of vegetables and meat? The hamburger steak was indeed delectable. With a nice half-cooked egg - my favourite! - on top of the steak, I enjoyed it greatly However, the best part of the meal was the french fries. It was crispy and the sauce complement it perfectly. Definitely one of the best fries I have eaten.

Sudachi Hamburger Steak
Sudachi Hamburger Steak

I'm not too sure what to make of the dish. Served on a hotplate, the sauce is sweeter than the normal hamburger steak's. I find that there are too many conflicting elements in this dish. The mint leaf combined with the radish, the sauce and the steak just taste plain weird. Without the leaf though, it was lightly better. The hamburger steak is also seated on a piece of gourd (not very sure). According to the person I thought was the boss, this dish is newly introduced into the menu and is a popular way of eating hamburger steak in Japan.

Ma Maison boasted a fairly romantic atmosphere. The waiter went around lighting up candles when night fell. However, the evening was partially ruined by a kid moving and shaking around in his seat; he happened to be seated on the same connected bench as I.

I went there on a Sunday, so I was highly surprised that the restaurant was not packed. The waiter do come round filling up the water though I wasn't there for too long top find out how often. The waiting time for the food was also slightly long especially since it was not packed.

The food is actually rather expensive. The baked potato gratin is not worth its price of $5.80 to me while the Sudachi Hamburger Steak is of a small portion with no side dish at 19.80.

All in all, Ma Maison offers good fusion food though some dish may be expensive to those on a budget.

Rating: 7.5/10

Ma Maison is at #02-51, 200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction

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