Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not Othello!

Your result for The Which Shakespeare Play Are You? Test...


You are the Tragedy of Othello: the Moor of Venice. Set in the beautiful "city on the sea", Othello tells the story of a Moorish general and the disastrous consequences that arise from jealousy and lies. What your score tells us about you is that you are most likely a very cunning person, who is able to get people to do what you want. People come to you for sage advice, and to confide in you their deepest secrets. Always the opportunist, you may, however, exploit this fact if an opportunity presents itself for your own personal gain. You're not all bad, though. Like Othello, you are probably very devoted to your friends and family and most likely very courageous. While a bit of an outsider, you are able to gain people's confidence and admiration. We certainly admire you!

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Erm. Hello? Why am I Othello? I hate that character! Though I did studied the play for school. I have to say I love tragedy. There is nothing that I hate more than Hollywood style happy-ever-after ending. Gah.

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