Sunday, November 16, 2008

Once More at Astons Specialties

Raining and lunch hour makes Aston Specialties an extremely packed place. The branch at Cathay is just too small to accommodate the amount of people coming for lunch. The rain reduced the tables further - you can't dine outdoor!

The long queue resulted in us waiting a while - 20 minutes - for seats and and even longer duration - 25 minutes - for the food. Thankfully the food is palatable and we have plenty of time to waste.


Grilled fish with herbs
Grilled Fish with Herbs

Not the best grilled fish I have eaten. While I previously disliked the overpowering mushroom sauce on the steak, I find the herbs sauce is not strong enough. When eaten with the grilled fish, it just tasted bland. The french fries is the same as before. The limited amount of chilli powder does nothing to improve the taste which is a far cry from Ma Maison.

ieat Super Burger
ieat Super Burger

As expected of a super burger, the size was huge. With layers of tomatoes, lettuces, thick beef patty, fried onions, cheeses and bacons, it does wonders for a famished stomach. The bacon was especially good. The thin bacons strips is well grilled and crunchy. However, the same cannot be say of the beef patty. I find it too dry. Fortunately, the taste of the grilled beef remains though my partner commented that it taste like burger king's burger (-_-lll). Nevertheless, the burger is better than the burgers at fast food joints due to the thick patty, crispy bacons and generous serving of the golden brown onions strips.

In my previous visit I noted that there seemed to be an excessive of staffs doing nothing. The staff are still not doing anything but this time it's because of the slow output from the kitchen. While I won't say that the service is atrocious, I noticed that hey squeezed a group of 6 pax into two tables for a party of 4. If you have been to the branch at Cathay, you would know that the table is extremely small. I can't imagine how that group of guys managed to eat together.

The burger is definitely worth the price at $12.50. As for the grilled fish, the price is only alright. I will advise people to avoid eating at Astons Specialties at peak hours. The food isn't that good to warrant such a long wait.

Rating: 6.5/10

Astons Specialties, Level 4, The Cathay

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