Monday, November 24, 2008

Photo: Sunset

Another Sunset

Photo of the sun setting from my house. Click for bigger view. Please comment and criticise?


Anonymous_X said...

I love this photo. What camera do you use to take the clouds, uhm, I mean the sunset? Heh. ;)

T__T said...

Ah! Hi Anon X. Hehe. Your clouds photos like #15 and 16 are great! I used an OLYMPUS FE-320 8.0 mega pixels bought last year. Training my skills on it while saving for a DSLR. And you still haven't answer my question. =P

Anonymous_X said...

Thanks. Mine is Canon Digital Ixus 60. Same thought with you: here I'm training my skills while saving for a DSLR. =)

PS. I really love the dominant darkness of your photo. And the dynamic of the's just so real!

T__T said...

teehee. Thanks!

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