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I'm so sorry for not posting comic spotlight for so long! Real life got to me... (Oh I hate database!) This post's focus is on a webcomic by Himaruya Hidekaz which has grew so much in its popularity that it is now a manga and a soon-to-be screened anime, Axis Powers: HETALIA!

Axis Powers: HETALIA is a japanese webcomic poking fun at three Axis Powers during WW2 (but not exclusively confined to it). The japanese word, hetare, means useless. So when you add Italy with hetare, you get Hetalia.

APH is really hilarious since it makes fun of all the countries' stereotypes. For instance, Italy likes pasta and pizza, Germany likes beer and sausage, America thinks he's a hero and is oblivious to everyone else (the other countries) and so on. To cut thing really short, APH takes historical stuff and portrayed it in a really exaggerated manner.

But this has also caused the japanese netizens to be quite concerned about APH's reception to the world, in particular the Koreans and Chinese. In fact, there were some discussions in a korean forum where they flamed the comic. I have no idea how the chinese netizens will react when they find out about APH...

The trick to enjoying Axis Power is to not take it seriously. If you take it too seriously, some of the humor just falls flat. You will also need some history knowledge to enjoy it to the best.

This is my favourite short strip: China Melancholy. Poor China. T_T (and I totally loled when I found out that China's boss is a dragon)

I highly recommend people with a sense of humor to read Himaruya Hidekaz's controversial webcomic. Please do not view if you do not know what slash and yaoi is though.

Warning: Contents may not be worksafe.

Original Webcomic site
Profiles of the characters
Translated chapters: Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4

For other short translated strips please view here.


Zilch said...

=) I'm glad there's another Hetalia fan on this blog site! You're the first that I've seen.

By the way, do you know the Chinese name of Axis Powers Hetalia? I was reading a fancomic that was in Chinese the other day and I just realized that there might be a Chinese following of Hetalia.

T__T said...

I'm not sure of the chinese name. I guess Axis Powers Hetalia is getting really popular. Can your provide me a link to the fancomic?

Anonymous said...

Very popular in China, i promise, as a chinese.

The name is 意呆利 or APH.

T__T said...

意呆利?! That's Hetalia alright. I'm glad that my fears are unfounded.

Anonymous said...

I am a Chinese, search for 黑塔利亚 or 意呆利 or APH

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