Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dinner at Waraku

Waraku has been offering ladies night on mondays. With a group of at least four women, you can enjoy 50% off your total bill.

Here are some of the items we ordered:

Yanagawa Set

The beef is nice. Some care is needed to not overcook the beef. I still like the potato salad that comes with this set.

Hotate Kaminabe (Scallop)

It has a total of 7 scallops. However, I felt that the soup is a bit bland. Perhaps choosing another soup base other than wafu would have been better.

Agedashi Tofu

My cousins liked it. I don't. Still, it's far better than the tasteless oily mess I once ate at aijisen.

Waraku maki

I loved the sushi from waraku. This scrumptious maki has avocado, cucumber and roe as the main ingredients. Totally worth it.

Ebiten Maki

One of the more delectable maki I have eaten. With fried prawns in the middle, it is blissful to eat it with some wasabi.

Green tea Ice cream
Shiratama Macha Ice cream

My cousins love it. I felt that it's alright.

Raspberry Cake

I don't find anything special with this dessert. It is good but not extraordinary.

We also ordered the Tonpei Yaki (I forgot to take the photo) which is better than I thought. Food is served generally fast although it takes a while before the sushi finally arrived.

In total we ordered 8 different items which after discount is $41.55. This offer is absolutely worth it. You still have one last monday to enjoy the offer and if you're going, please go there early for there is a long queue after 7pm.

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