Wednesday, January 07, 2009

100 days protest against Nintendo

Bob took 5 years to create a Nintendo DS game. To fulfil his dream to publish his game, he contacted Nintendo US for a developer kit, SDK. However, Nintendo has not replied to his request and he decided to have a 100 days protest in a room "locked and barricaded from the outside".

Watch this video with the annotation on.

You may feel inclined to sympathize with the guy. Until you realise 1) the game doesn't even look that nice, 2) there is no demo of said game, 3) Bob named the game after himself, 4) he has one huge ego and is a bloody jerk.

Frankly, he just did the worst thing possible. He dissed the company. If I was Reggie, I sure as hell wouldn't respond to him. And judging from the responses, most people are not impressed.

You can watch him protest at his site which sprouts nonsense of him proclaiming that he create the greatest game that cannot be revealed to anyone. Fantastic marketing, Bob. Now if only you ain't that crazy.

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