Thursday, March 12, 2009

IT Show: Crowds and Bacon Salts

It may have been Thursday afternoon but it was still quite crowded. There were parts in the hall where I couldn't move at all.

Still, at least for most of the time, I could get from place to place so it wasn't that bad yet. Saturday is probably going to be the worst.

Photo taken from here
I was mostly going around Hall 6 as the items I wanted were sold there. It was there that I saw this strange tiny counter tuck at one corner of another booth. Selling earphone sets with bacon salt as free gift.

So unique! The earphones are actually CrossRoads MylarOne Bijou and it has not just the bacon salt but also an amplifier and oink earphones as free gifts for 70 dollars. In the end I didn't get it as it was over my budget (under $50 please!). For those who are interested, it's sold by Jaben at booth 6501, right corner.

After much deliberation - and squeezing around - I bought a low end audio-technica ear phone for $36.50. The free gift? One lolipop. Boo Hoo. I am starting to regret not getting the CrossRoads.

I also bought a multi-purpose card reader for $9.50. Yes, I know it's expensive, but I couldn't be bothered to hunt for a cheaper one. Not after I walked around looking for a single SDHC card reader and couldn't find any! So I just grabbed whatever that didn't looked like they would break down in 1 week (which is surprisingly hard to find).

Oh, if anyone feel thirsty or hungry, they should head to the Singtel and M1 booth at floor 2. You may get some free gelato and coffee if you are lucky.


Beef brisket Noodles with soup

I almost did not try the food at Lai Lai Family Restaurant (来来红烧牛肉面). If it wasn't for the fact that the restaurant that I wanted to go to was too expensive, and my friend who accompanied me recommended this, I would not have thought to step into their premises.

I ordered the medium size which goes for $8.90. It isn't cheap but the size is certainly bigger. I was surprised by the amount of beef in it. The beef are tender and soft. The soup is quite delicious with mild spicy taste and strong beef flavour. However, it also made me quite thirsty.

They don't provide water; you will have to order drinks. Thankfully I am a master of enduring so I can tahan until I went to carrefour to get bottled water. I will probably return to eat again but not before I try other beef noodles at the hawker centres.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Food at Family Gatherings

Mushroom with Broccoli
Mushroom with Broccoli

I believed I mentioned before that there is always loads of food at my family gatherings.

The photos posted here were taken on the first day of Chinese New Year when more than 20 people thronged my house for dinner. My poor mother had to churn out dishes after dishes to keep with the huge appetites of my family. I suppose I should thanks my stars for not knowing how to cook or I would be rooted in to help out as well!

That Brown Thing
What do you call this? Anyone?

Fried Crispy Prawns

Tofu with mushroom and carrot
Tofu with mushroom, carrot and prawns

Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Vietnamese Spring Rolls that no one dared to eat (and not made by mum!)

Sweet and Sour Fish
Sweet and Sour Fish

P1260612 Salted Vegetable and Duck Soup
Abalone with mysterious sauce and chilli; Salted Vegetable and Duck Soup, my mother's speciality

My mother cooked double portions of all the food here (except for the abalone and the Vietnamese Spring Rolls that someone bought) and they were completely cleaned out. Even the dessert (the typical longan with almond jelly) did not have any leftover. I really wondered how my family can eat so much! It filled with me some (undeserved) pride when everyone praised my mother's cooking, especially the soup.

Just to inform everyone, even I, her daughter do not get to drink Salted Vegetable and Duck Soup more than once a year! You lucky people!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Red Mango: Another Frozen Yoghurt

YogurtA very popular brand in Korea and US, this frozen yogurt is really not bad eh! I bought this $6.50 special strawberry favour that comes in a large cup with fruity cereal, logan, peach, fresh strawberry and kiwi. The server was also very powerful; initially I had not wanted to get this special cup if not for her convincing me.

The strawberry flavour is quite nice but I have not tried any of its competitors's version either so I can't really make a comment except to remark that it is not very sweet. I would definitely try Red Mango in Korea just to see if the standard is the same!

Red Mango is located at 3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-140G, Suntec City Mall

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Malacca: Teo Soon Loong Chan

Last year December I went to Malacca with my family (we booked an entire bus) for a shopping and eating trip. One of the best place we ate at was this Teo Chew restaurant. It might have something to do with the fact that it served the most fabulous Ohr Nee (yam paste) I have eaten in my life.

Teo Soon Loong Chan

Teo Soon Loong Chan looks like a run down shop from the outside. You actually have to enter from the kitchen. It's a family owned restaurant that served great Teo Chew food and has great service. So I was quite surprised when I read online that it has bad service and seafood that is not fresh! When I went there the food was extremely fresh and tasty.

Oyster Mee
The (in)famous oyster mee

Though some people complained in their blogs that the oyster was not fresh, I felt at that time it was fresh and juicy. I have never eaten oyster mee before so I cannot judge properly but everyone around me loved this dish. For me, the noodle isn't too thick and it tasted excellent with the bits of garlic and the sauce. This is also one of their signature dish.

Beancurd Something
One of my favourite dish for that night, second only to the Ohr Nee. I do not know what the name is. The crispy outer skin covers the egg inside it, creating a nice balance. This is a must try.

Tau fu with Minced Meat

Shiock ah! I noticed that their sauces are all really good! The Tau Fu and the meat with the gravy is so good that I wanted to finish my rice with it.

Bitter gourd
Stewed Pork ribs with Bitter gourd

The bittergourd is smooth and soft, the meat is tender and the sauce is heavenly.

Chee Cheong Fun
Chee Cheong Fun

After all those dishes, this is almost a let down. It has one wanton and crabstick.

Steamed fishSteamed Pomfret

I thought this fish was really fresh. When one of the staff saw how much trouble we had, he came to our table and helped us cut it.

Vegetable!Some vegetable dish that I don't really remembered.

Yam paste with ginko nut and sweet potato
Ohr Nee

And finally the Ohr Nee! This is the best Ohr Nee I have eaten. It's not watery like most places would have it nor too thick. So smooth and yet not too sweet. The pumpkin and ginko nut are at the side for you to place inside your yam paste. I only regret that my grandmother could not enjoy this dessert (she is too old to travel). This is a must try! You can't visit this place without eating their Ohr Nee.


We also had some fruits after the dessert. By that time we were almost too full to eat it!

The owner

He's over eighty years old and entertained us (or rather the older family members) while we were waiting for the food.

I know that this place is considered only reasonable for Malaysians. But for us, it is extremely value for money as we paid about $10(? forgive me if it's wrong) per person for a 8 course meal. I would totally return there for their Ohr Nee alone.

Teo Soon Loong Chan is located at 55 Jalan Hang Kasturi, Malacca.

Saturday, March 07, 2009


意难忘 has very nice songs.

Watching Taiwanese Hokkien Drama is one of my secret pleasure. I watched through all episodes of 台湾霹雳火 (Fiery Thunderbolt) , 阿诚 (Ah Cheng), 日正当中,and other shows that show before 日正当中 that I forgotten the names.

But for the past few years I have been watching 意难忘 (The Unforgettable Memory). Typical of such shows, 意难忘 is a show with over 800 episodes. It has been showing since 2006 on Singapore's Channel 8 and it is finally ending.

What is 意难忘 about then? A family: 王家. From the 1970s to the 2000s, you will see how the the family turn from rich to the eventual near collapse at the son's hand. (what happens then, watch yourself!) It doesn't just involve this family, there's also the 林家. The plot gets quite complicated when 王胜志 falls in love with 林大中's girlfriend(?) 赖素绫 and when he makes an enemy of 蔡进炮, the main villain of the show for at least 400 episodes.

意难忘 suffers from the usual Taiwanese Hokkien drama symptoms: Too long, too draggy, too slow, plot repeats itself from time to time and introduces too many characters. Nevertheless, it has a certain charm to it that makes you watch it. Not to mention, the plot progress slow enough that you can miss a few episodes and still understand what happens.

One of the scene from the Drama. Spoiler alert for people who are watching the Media Broadcast. The show still have some way to go before this confrontation.

And this. BIG SPOILER ALERT. Watch at your own risk.

麗珠 is my favourite character. Her son is a 败家子 (wastrel) turn gangster. Her husband only knows how to listen to his mother. Her brother-in-law hates her for well, everything. Her mother-in-law hates her for being a former hostess. She is one of the strongest and most capable character in the show.

With the show finally coming to the end (in singapore), it may be too late for people to start in it unless you can wake up early in the morning.

MediaCorp is showing a repeat at 4am to 6am, monday to fridays. The latest episodes are showing every weekday 4.30pm to 5.30pm.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire: An intense movie

I went into the cinema only knowing that it was about a man arrested for knowing the answers of Who wants to be a Millionaire and that it won some Oscars.

So I got a rude shock within 5 minutes of the movie. The main character Jamal is looked down by everyone for being an uneducated chai-wallah (tea boy) and daring to join the show. The scene quickly switched to him being interrogated by the police. The question on everyone's mind: How did the chai-wallah know all the answers to the questions?

It's from there the story really begins. This movie weaves his story from the questions asked by the game show. The answers that he knew came from his own life. I am not going to spoil the plot here but this is also a romance story with parts that are sometimes unbelievable. Or as one would say, a fairytale-like story.

The movie also built up the tension in its scenes, something that most movies had failed to grasp of. And whenever the tension was too much the movie switches back to the police or vice versa or placed a humourous scene. Even though I had guessed what was going to happen next, I still feel tensed. The acting in this show is also notable. In particular, the child actors who I believed won over everyone's heart.

Perhaps the only thing that I did not liked about the movie was the magical way that the characters learned english when they stayed in the slums. Otherwise, it's a lovely movie that you should not mind spending 2 hours for.

Rating: 9/10

Thursday, March 05, 2009

For Murakami's fans

Dinner with Murakami is a documentary about the famous Japanese author's books and his readers. It will be shown on the 8th of March 5.30pm as the opening film for this year SIDF (Singapore Indie Doc Fest).

Tickets are sold at the substation and at straits records.

Edit: It seemed that I bought the last pair of ticket yesterday at the substation.

Royal China: Very Royal Indeed

Peach bun
Complimentary "birthday buns" from the restaurant that all Chinese birthdays ought to have. Nothing special, at least the one at Lei Garden has salted egg.

My family celebrated our grandma's 80th birthday last Saturday. Due to the worsening economic crisis, we had to downgrade from Lei Garden to Royal China especially after Lei Garden increased their price.

I believed many people before me have waxed lyrical praises on the pale blue walls of the restaurant so without further ado, let's get on with the food.

Crispy aromatic duck roll
Crispy aromatic duck roll

Trying to eat this made me exceedingly aware of my inadequacy with chopsticks. The duck roll was deep fried with vegetables, duck meat and lovely sweet sauce inside it.

Roasted Pork with mustard sauce and sugarRoasted Pork

We also ordered another dish not included in our special menu. The roast pork, (my grandma's favourite) had this special mustard sauce that you can dipped in with sugar. It was sweet and mildly spicy at the same time. Despite not being in the menu, this was one of my favourite dish for that night.

Double boiled shark fins soup with chickenDouble boiled shark fins soup with chicken in claypot

The chicken soup comes in a claypot with the large chunk of shark fins on a special dish. They will stir in shark fins in front of you. In spite of the amount of chicken meat and shark fins, this pale in comparison with the doubled boiled soup from Lei Garden. This soup also gave a very bad impression of the service in this restaurant (see below).

Steamed pink garoupa in light soya sauceSteamed pink garoupa in light soya sauce

Plenty of bones in the fish which I can endure but! The fish wasn't very fresh. I am not impressed.

Sauteed Caral Clam and Scallop with asparagusSauteed Caral Clam and Scallop with asparagus

Most of the people seated at my table hated the clam. Personally I loved the chewy texture of the clam. Acquired taste? The scallop was only slightly above average fare though.

Deep fried ribs in special sauce
Deep fried ribs in special sauce

A western dish in a chinese restaurant? Probably because Royal China is originally a London restaurant. The sauce of the ribs was too special for me. Or should I say, too salty. The result was a forgettable salty experience.

Braised sliced abalone with mushroom
Braised sliced abalone with mushroom

The abalone was tender and chewy. The mushroom was huge and juicy. What more can you ask for?

Braised Prawn Noodle In ginger and shallot sauceBraised Prawn Noodle in Ginger and Shallot sauce

The prawns were succulent. The same cannot be said of the thin yellow newspaper strips that they were nested on top of. However, there were people who liked those noodles. I suppose this is another case of acquired taste.

Chinese fusion Dessert
Chilled Chrysanthemum and Apple jelly with diced Aloe Vera

Probably the most interesting of all dishes in the entire 8 course dinner. Eaten with the bits of sour plum and walnut, the dessert was a deviation from the usual Chinese dessert that were typical of such restaurants.

At around $100 per head for a 8 course meal, it is not worth it for the food or for the service. Firstly we waited a long time in between for our food. In end, we spend almost 3 hours in the restaurant (7pm to 9:40pm++). And despite the number of staff for our two tables, the service for my table is atrocious. The staff actually removed our shark's fins coup claypot without informing anyone after serving anyone a bowl. This would be fine if it wasn't for the fact that the other table had second helping! Are you telling me that our claypot had no more soup even though the size of serving should be the same? Or did the staff took the soup for some other reason?

To be honest, even without that incident, I do not feel that Royal China is value for money. The best and cheapest chinese restaurant I have eaten before is at a small shop located at Malacca. This doesn't even come near to it.

Will I return to this restaurant again? Probably not, unless it's for the dim sum which I heard is good. And even then I will think twice.

Royal China is located at #03-09, Raffles Hotel

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Where's my food?!

Someone asked me why I stopped posting. To be honest, I do not know. It must have been somewhere when I was shoved exam notices under my nose and when I started reading epic romances to avoid something. What is that something? I can't seem to remember.

Instead please take a look at my photos I took at Crystal Jade@Bishan some time back.

Spicy Tofu
Spicy Tofu

Roasted Duck
Scrumptious Roasted Duck

Broccoli with Crab meat and roe
Broccoli with crab roe and meat. Bland.

Sweet and sour pork
Sweet and Sour pork. Definitely good.

Standard Vegetable.

Stewed Noodles with Seafood
Crispy Seafood Mee. Don't order this. Trust me.

Monday, March 02, 2009


我想要看 《真情滿天下》 《娘家》.


OK. I lie. I only want to watch 《真情滿天下》 and ogle at 李政穎 in 《娘家》.