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意难忘 has very nice songs.

Watching Taiwanese Hokkien Drama is one of my secret pleasure. I watched through all episodes of 台湾霹雳火 (Fiery Thunderbolt) , 阿诚 (Ah Cheng), 日正当中,and other shows that show before 日正当中 that I forgotten the names.

But for the past few years I have been watching 意难忘 (The Unforgettable Memory). Typical of such shows, 意难忘 is a show with over 800 episodes. It has been showing since 2006 on Singapore's Channel 8 and it is finally ending.

What is 意难忘 about then? A family: 王家. From the 1970s to the 2000s, you will see how the the family turn from rich to the eventual near collapse at the son's hand. (what happens then, watch yourself!) It doesn't just involve this family, there's also the 林家. The plot gets quite complicated when 王胜志 falls in love with 林大中's girlfriend(?) 赖素绫 and when he makes an enemy of 蔡进炮, the main villain of the show for at least 400 episodes.

意难忘 suffers from the usual Taiwanese Hokkien drama symptoms: Too long, too draggy, too slow, plot repeats itself from time to time and introduces too many characters. Nevertheless, it has a certain charm to it that makes you watch it. Not to mention, the plot progress slow enough that you can miss a few episodes and still understand what happens.

One of the scene from the Drama. Spoiler alert for people who are watching the Media Broadcast. The show still have some way to go before this confrontation.

And this. BIG SPOILER ALERT. Watch at your own risk.

麗珠 is my favourite character. Her son is a 败家子 (wastrel) turn gangster. Her husband only knows how to listen to his mother. Her brother-in-law hates her for well, everything. Her mother-in-law hates her for being a former hostess. She is one of the strongest and most capable character in the show.

With the show finally coming to the end (in singapore), it may be too late for people to start in it unless you can wake up early in the morning.

MediaCorp is showing a repeat at 4am to 6am, monday to fridays. The latest episodes are showing every weekday 4.30pm to 5.30pm.

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