Thursday, March 12, 2009


Beef brisket Noodles with soup

I almost did not try the food at Lai Lai Family Restaurant (来来红烧牛肉面). If it wasn't for the fact that the restaurant that I wanted to go to was too expensive, and my friend who accompanied me recommended this, I would not have thought to step into their premises.

I ordered the medium size which goes for $8.90. It isn't cheap but the size is certainly bigger. I was surprised by the amount of beef in it. The beef are tender and soft. The soup is quite delicious with mild spicy taste and strong beef flavour. However, it also made me quite thirsty.

They don't provide water; you will have to order drinks. Thankfully I am a master of enduring so I can tahan until I went to carrefour to get bottled water. I will probably return to eat again but not before I try other beef noodles at the hawker centres.

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