Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Food at Family Gatherings

Mushroom with Broccoli

Mushroom with Broccoli

I believed I mentioned before that there is always loads of food at my family gatherings.

The photos posted here were taken on the first day of Chinese New Year when more than 20 people thronged my house for dinner. My poor mother had to churn out dishes after dishes to keep with the huge appetites of my family. I suppose I should thanks my stars for not knowing how to cook or I would be rooted in to help out as well!

That Brown Thing
What do you call this? Anyone?

Fried Crispy Prawns

Tofu with mushroom and carrot
Tofu with mushroom, carrot and prawns

Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Vietnamese Spring Rolls that no one dared to eat (and not made by mum!)

Sweet and Sour Fish
Sweet and Sour Fish

P1260612 Salted Vegetable and Duck Soup
Abalone with mysterious sauce and chilli; Salted Vegetable and Duck Soup, my mother's speciality

My mother cooked double portions of all the food here (except for the abalone and the Vietnamese Spring Rolls that someone bought) and they were completely cleaned out. Even the dessert (the typical longan with almond jelly) did not have any leftover. I really wondered how my family can eat so much! It filled with me some (undeserved) pride when everyone praised my mother's cooking, especially the soup.

Just to inform everyone, even I, her daughter do not get to drink Salted Vegetable and Duck Soup more than once a year! You lucky people!


DC said...

Why no one dared to eat the Vietnamese Rolls? It looked nice!

T__T said...

It might have something to do with the fact that our guinea pig for that day ate one and refused to eat any more.

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