Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Where's my food?!

Someone asked me why I stopped posting. To be honest, I do not know. It must have been somewhere when I was shoved exam notices under my nose and when I started reading epic romances to avoid something. What is that something? I can't seem to remember.

Instead please take a look at my photos I took at Crystal Jade@Bishan some time back.

Spicy Tofu
Spicy Tofu

Roasted Duck
Scrumptious Roasted Duck

Broccoli with Crab meat and roe
Broccoli with crab roe and meat. Bland.

Sweet and sour pork
Sweet and Sour pork. Definitely good.

Standard Vegetable.

Stewed Noodles with Seafood
Crispy Seafood Mee. Don't order this. Trust me.

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